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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Okay so this is my blog. I am a high schooler in Colorado and I am going to blog about my high school just because its so dang interesting. I will be changing the names of these people. If you like my blog tell me and tell your friends! I really hope to shine a light on the actuality of high school. I hope to do a blog every day or close to it so we shall see!

About Me-

Im a freshman at my high school I recently transfered there from a private school in Colorado. I have known most of these people for 4 years and some for as much as 12 years! My school is huge it has around 4,000 kids so theres a lot going on.
I love singing (we'll get into that later) and acting and dancing so Theatre is my life! I also swim its my passion :). I love my friends(well most of them) and cannot wait until I graduate! :)

Theres more to come VERY soon!
tell your friends!

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  1. Hey! Your blog sounds very cool and I can't wait for you to post more! I just got into blogging too, and I am also doing it on high school. (Although my school is very small, with 40 people in my grade!) I am also a freshman, and I like singing too! I hope you post soon!
    Grace Kent