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Monday, May 9, 2011

1ST Blog post.

Okay I know I haven't really done a blog since well since I made my blog sorry I just haven't had time so I'm going to make this my first REAL POST.
Okay so my life has not been very interesting because the year is winding down people are in what I like to call "spring bliss", everyone is hooking up and "in love" and no drama because that's not how people want to end the year but trust me this summer things will start to get spicy.
I am self scheduling tomorrow and I really want to get this schedule my best friend Sarah wants me to take History with her and these "popular" girls who i am kind of friends with invited me to take English with them. So I am REALLY hoping I get those classes.
As it says in my bio I LOVE singing at my school there are 7 choirs (choir is a pretty big deal) 4 are audition 2 are for freshman and 1 is non audition older kids all of my friends are either not continuing on with choir or made it into Girls21 (audition choir for girls sophomores +) I did not make it into Girls21 ( I transferred half way through 2nd semester and bombed my technical audition and the teacher hates my sister) I pretty much knew I would not make it into an audition choir but still every time I think about it I nearly cry. I hate High School and I want to graduate a year early so I have told my Choir teacher I will not be doing choir next year (she helps cast musicals and I don't want her to hate me) but I have not yet told any of my friends I am not very good with confrontation I only told 4 people I was leaving when I transferred schools.

I need to go now but I will be back on later tonight to finish this ^^ and tell you about "Halie" later

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Okay so this is my blog. I am a high schooler in Colorado and I am going to blog about my high school just because its so dang interesting. I will be changing the names of these people. If you like my blog tell me and tell your friends! I really hope to shine a light on the actuality of high school. I hope to do a blog every day or close to it so we shall see!

About Me-

Im a freshman at my high school I recently transfered there from a private school in Colorado. I have known most of these people for 4 years and some for as much as 12 years! My school is huge it has around 4,000 kids so theres a lot going on.
I love singing (we'll get into that later) and acting and dancing so Theatre is my life! I also swim its my passion :). I love my friends(well most of them) and cannot wait until I graduate! :)

Theres more to come VERY soon!
tell your friends!